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Never thought in my lifetime that I will be creating a clothing line. It all came from an idea Personal Training Clients. My Clients would motivate me to become a better Trainer, and Inspire me from all their hard work and dedication. So I wanted to make a t-shirt for them to wear and let them know that the shirt represented their inspirational message. I decided to try something I had no clue about and just take the risk and go for it.  

So WELCOME to BE ATHELITE APPAREL! I would like to introduce my clothing brand to fit your lifestyle. I'm gearing my brand towards your needs for being active, fun, and comfortable. There's going to be a lot of trial and errors for me but please give me all your feedback so I can make my brand the brand you will be comfortable wearing.

Thank you for all your support and guidance. Sending all of YOU positive vibes throughout your life.

Keep Pushing, Keep Inspiring, and



JasonLee Mendiola


Be the brand that will spread positivity, happiness, and comfort.  Through our clothes and designs, we will keep pushing and keep inspiring YOU to become a better version of YOURSELF! 

Train, Perform, and Become a stronger individual physically and mentally.



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